About us

Our Story

In 2009 Fred Walden formed Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust with a vision of West Southern Pines' future needs and the role that the Trust could play in meeting those needs of the community. ​ For Fred, the primary purpose of the Trust was to be an advocate and support for the citizens of the West Southern Pines Community. ​ Reestablished in 2018, the goal of the Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust is to continue the original vision in maintaining community-based traditions while creating opportunities for economic growth for the citizens of West Southern Pines and surrounding areas. ​ We acknowledge and honor all that Fred has done for his community and for bringing everyone together. The Trust is but one result of his efforts to provide the residents of West Southern Pines the opportunity to revitalize its historic community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to To preserve and enhance the West Southern Pines Community’s social and economic conditions through property ownership, education, and opportunity.

To improve the quality of life of African American citizens in the community by preventing community deterioration through (1) Providing educational, technical and financial services to low and moderate income land and homeowners; (2) Acquiring abandoned, foreclosed or vacant homes or properties; (3) Redeveloping or rehabilitating abandoned, foreclosed or blighted properties; (4) Accepting real or personal property by way of gift in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation; and (5) The preservation or conservation of real or personal properties of architectural, archaeological, artistic, cultural, historical, natural or scientific significance.

Our Vision

In 2009 Fred Walden formed Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust with a vision of West Southern Pines' future needs and the role that the Trust could play in meeting those needs of the community.

Together We Can Make A Difference In Our Community Beyond Barriers

Meet The Board

Sandra Dales

Executive Director

The Trust is pleased to announce that Sandra Dales was selected for the position of Executive Director for the Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust. Sandra started on 22 February and her office is in the Administration Building at the West Southern Pines Center for African American History, Cultural Arts and Business.
Sandra specializes in property development, program and fiscal management, strategic planning, and has over 20 years of experience working in various non-profit agencies. Sandra secured national grant funding from US Department of Education and US Department of Labor totaling $1.2 million and worked to successfully complete a $4 million capital campaign for a local nonprofit. Sandra’s most recent employment was as the Bookstore Manager at Sandhills Community College where she also served as an instructor teaching grant writing. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from Old Dominion University. She resides in Pinehurst.

Nora Bowman

Chief Operations Officer

We are fortunate enough to also hire Nora Bowman as the Chief Operations Officer. Nora will oversee on-site contractors and manage the leasing for building occupancy. Nora has an extensive background in banking, having worked in various positions with Wells Fargo during her 29-year career. Nora grew up in the West Southern Pines community and brings her invaluable experience in community relations.


Vincent Gordon

Chair, Board of Directors

Renee Moody

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Nora Bowman

Board Of Directors

Eugene Mason

Board Of Directors

Bill Ross

Board Of Directors

Mary Rocca

Board Of Directors

Elise Zawatteri

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Tangella Upchurch

Board Of Directors

Asya Walden

Secretary, Board of Directors

Latoya Kyle

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Oliver Hines

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Sherilla Horton

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