Legacy. Strength. Destiny.

These three words embody the essence of the Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust.
Our mission encapsulates the challenges (and triumphs) of those who walked our grounds long before
us. We understand that those milestones may have come with many sacrifices; and we are thankful.
Our mission builds on the ideas of the founders of West Southern Pines by bringing life back to the
community. The very willpower used to begin the work of establishing West Southern Pines is the same
resolve needed to continue to revitalize the Community.

Our mission forecasts the methods in which The Trust will enact change within West Southern Pines.
Our hope is to build on what has already been put in place and trailblaze new paths that will open
additional opportunities for the West Southern Pines Community.
So, as we continue this journey, we invite you to come along. The tasks before us are great, and many
hands – and hearts – are needed to fulfill them. The West Southern Pines Community is appealing to
you as a partner in the hope of contributing to a legacy that will benefit us all, for generations to come.

Sandra L. Dales
Executive Director

Together We Can Make A Difference In Our Community Beyond Barriers



1250 W. New York Avenue
Southern Pines NC, 28387